Flower Crush of The Summer... the Pansy

This week in the PNW I am really beginning to see and feel the coming of fall. I look out toward Queen Anne Hill from my Capitol Hill neighborhood and see the slight tinge of orange and yellow on distant trees. There was a crispness in the air this morning even though the high reached almost eighty degrees today. I love fall. It is probably my favorite season. It is this vibrant gem of a season that is gone a blink of an eye ( and with one fierce wind storm). 

Although I eagerly await the opportunity to design with fall foliage, beautiful grasses, and the most sublime chrysanthemums, summer remains the most amazing time for floral variety in the markets and in my garden.

My absolute favorite summer flower this year was the long-stemmed pansy that Vivian of Everyday Flowers grew and sold at the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market. This flower was a complete joy to design with. Those faces! Ugh! They melt your heart. Flower farmer, Vivian, is working with a seed company to bring back these heirloom pansies with the long stems. All pansies used to have long stems but this trait was bred out of them because gardeners wanted a bushier variety for their garden borders.

Vivian grew salmony-peach, purple, lavender, and yellow varieties this year. She is hoping she can get her hands on some white-faced beauties for next season. I am so grateful that she is bringing these blooms back. We are very lucky floral designers here in Seattle. We have some of the most passionate and generous flower farmers around, working with us, listening to our feedback, and wanting to deliver the blooms and the colors we (and brides) covet.

Pansies stole the show at the  Locus Wine  event this past July.

Pansies stole the show at the Locus Wine event this past July.

A fond farewell to these sweet blossom until next year. And the march toward death continues for everything in the flower fields and the garden.

Peace, love and happiness, my friends.