To Build a Black House…

Taking a chance. Following a passion. Building a black house. Building a business.

I was finishing my fourteenth year of teaching third grade in the Bay Area when a job opportunity presented itself to my husband in Seattle. We decided to go for it. Moved from Palo Alto, CA. to Seattle, WA. At forty I made the decision- new town?, then new career. I allowed myself to follow a true love of mine- flowers. 

                   Sketches of possible logos...

                  Sketches of possible logos...

Enrolled in a flower school in Portland, Oregon and learned the basics. Landed a job in an extremely busy shop, working- somewhat grueling- 10 hour days. Grueling is good. I learned a lot, quickly. I benefited from the supportive guidance of the shop’s very talented and generous senior designer (thank you, Sue!). I honed my skills and developed my personal aesthetic. I immersed myself in the abundant, inspirational resources found online- blogs (Botanical Brouhaha, Saipua, Floret, Flirty Fleurs), Pinterest , and Instagram. So many talented designers willing to share their art, their tricks of the trade, their successes, and their struggles.

So here I am, almost two years later. My husband has designed and constructed this beautifully bad-ass garden shed that is the namesake of my botanical design business- Black House Flowers. I feel very to lucky to have the opportunity to follow my passion. I feel lucky to have such a supportive network of family and friends who have done everything from design my website (thank you, Arna) and logo (thank you, Anthony), to photograph my portfolio (thank you, Ton), and sew my work aprons (thanks, Mom!).

And here I go! Being designer and owner of Black House Flowers is my profession and my obsession.


“Money dignifies what is frivolous if unpaid for.” -Virginia Woolfe.