Flower Club

I was an avid gardener before I became a floral designer and, as I have mentioned before, one of my greatest joys in floral design is adding gems from my own garden. This element- growing some of the product I use in my designs- is becoming a defining factor of my business. I offer a flower subscription called flower club on my website. Flowers delivered to your door that- when possible- are seasonal and local, sometimes as local as my backyard in North Capitol Hill:). Flowers in the home is sure fire way to bring beauty into your everyday.

This week in Seattle temperatures are dipping into the high 30s at night and soon freezing night temperatures will lull the garden into dormancy. This week I began to plant tulip and allium bulbs and ranunculus tubers. The tulips will show themselves first. Tulips grown under natural conditions in the garden are so much hardier and last longer in the vase. The stems are strong and turgid as compared to hothouse grown tulips' flaccid, translucent stems. The parrot varieties are some of my favorites with their scrumptious texture and almost otherworldly coloring. And tulips are interesting creatures in the vase, one of the few flowers that continues to grow after being cut. So day by day you will see blooms move, shift, and stretch.

Here are some of the varieties I have planted for flower club clients...

Above image sources (left to right top row): Alan Buckingham, Tulip World, Avor Bulbs, Dig the Dirt (left to right bottom row): Honeysuckle Life, Mardeross.com, Tulip World, Humpherys


Also putting my orders in for some new (to my garden) rose and dahlia that will arrive in the spring...

Above image sources (left to right): The Biking Gardener, Flickriver/ White flower Farm Swan Dahlias

If you live in the neighborhoods of Capitol Hill, Montlake, Eastlake, Madison Park, and Madrona, join a joyful movement- flowers delivered to your door with BLACK  HOUSE FLOWERS flower club.

Flowers in the home- beautiful impermanence, endless wonder and amazement,  breaking your heart in the best way possible.

Peace, love, and happiness