Black House Flowers

I had a garden when my husband and I lived in Palo Alto. We lived in a 678 sq. ft. first floor condo. Small, but our square footage doubled with a lovely little outdoor space. My Palo Alto garden was under layers of trees so sunlight was scarce, especially during the winter months when the sun hung low in the southern sky. With this garden I focused on beautiful foliage. I had convinced myself that flowers were overrated.

Ironically, we moved to Seattle and I got sun. There isn't a mature tree on my property, and I love it! Now I am obsessed with blooms and foliage that can be cut and put in a vase. Anything that doesn't meet that criteria gets ripped out eventually. 

Since I have started my floral design business, what I have enjoyed most is racing out to my garden multiple times while I am designing for my clients to find beautiful things to add to their arrangements or bridal bouquets.

photo 3-3.JPG

These gems were collected from my garden during the second week of October...

Cuttings from my garden (from left to right). Top Row: dahlias, red leaf grape, ruby ribbon switchgrass, various ferns  Bottom Row: Rose hip, peony foliage, apricot sunrise hyssop, abelia

So this arrangement was made entirely from my cutting garden. Everything is fair game right now because soon I'll have to cut back all the foliage in my garden and put her to bed for the winter. I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of over 200 tulip bulbs (one variety is the color of root beer!!!!) that will bloom first in the spring. They will all make their way into the arrangements I will design for clients and friends because giving flowers away makes me so much happier than keeping them for myself.